IT’S BACK!!!! The year end Vir Das’ #POTCAST. We would like to humbly apologise in advance for the fact that we are discussing Women, Democracy, Fake news and everything else that happened in the year!

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in the spirit of new beginnings…i humbly put forward…
NEW Social media rules for 2018
Stop saying ‘lit’. Technically everything is lit which means that it has a source of light on it…unless you are talking about a source of light which isn’t technically lit unless there is another source of light lighting this source of light.
Stop saying ‘lit af’ which means lit as fuck. If you are fucking so hard you are generating light…i want your phone number.
Stop saying something ‘is fire’. As in ‘XYZ’s new track is fire!’. It isn’t. Fire is fire. XYZ’s new track is music….barely.
Stop saying ‘Is Everything’. As in ‘Blake and Ryan going shopping is everything!’. No it’s not. It’s not even .000099999999% of everything. There’s a lot of stuff in the world.
Technically everyone is ‘woke as fuck’…if you’re fucking when you’re asleep…that’s a complex medical issue.
No one…i repeat…no one…’broke the internet’ If they did, you’d have no electricity, planes would be falling out of the sky, your bank account would be empty…and that would be ‘everything’…and nothing would be ‘lit’.
Calling something GOAT is disrespectful to goats.
Calling someone a snowflake is not an insult. It means you are calling them a single ice crystal that has achieved a sufficient size, and may have amalgamated with others, and then falls through the Earth’s atmosphere.
If your photo has #Nofilter…thats not an achievement to boast about, that’s just a photo.
And finally….be nice to each other this year 🙂


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